Lazarus Syndrome? Man resurrects after doctors pronounce him dead

Man has severe stroke and falls into a deep coma, so deep doctors thought he was dead.


NSFW    In Hubei, located in central China, the family of a man doctors had pronounced dead were preparing to bury their loved one when they noticed that the ‘corpse’ was breathing and weeping.

The family rushed Mr. Guo, age 45, back to the hospital as quickly as possible where doctors were shocked to discover they were wrong.

Mr. Guo was a heavy smoker and had been since he was 16, he was known to smoke at least 2 packs of cigarettes a day and could often finish a single pack in just three hours. Three months ago, Mr. Guo had been talking to friends and smoking when he suddenly collapsed.

His friends had him rushed to hospital and doctors said Mr. Guo had suffered severe cerebral hemorrhaging and that his chances for survival were less than 5%. Mr. Guo remained in a coma for almost three months, then one morning the doctors pronounced him dead and informed his family that they could take him home to be buried.

Who’d have thought he’d surprise them all and resurrect himself? Doctors said they will have to wait until Mr. Guo wakes up to assess the extent of the damage to his brain, cerebral hemorrhages can cause extensive brain damage that will affect a person’s speech, memories, and physical coordination.

But if Mr. Guo wakes up hungry for brains everyone better be ready to run.
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