Lame Chinese parents sue tattoo parlor for son's ink

A couple in eastern China sued a tattoo parlor after their son was kicked out of school for too much ink.


NSFW    JIANGSHAN, CHINA — Parents from eastern China successfully sued a tattoo parlor for getting their teenage son kicked out of school for caking his body in ink and for what they say, infringing on his rights.

The South China Morning Post reported that a court in Jiangshan, Zhejiang province ordered the parlor to pay out over 20,000 yuan or $2,900 in compensation.

The parlor had to return the 1,000 yuan the boy paid for the tattoos, 5,000 yuan for medical fees, and 15,000 yuan in compensation for apparent mental "loss."

The unnamed guy got his first tattoo in 2016 of some super cool and definitely not tacky dragons and demons, and by September 2017 his school demanded he gets them removed, concerned that his image would have, quote "a major impact on the appearance of the school."

The dad of mini Ozzy Osbourne said he'd hoped that introducing his fist to face several times would prevent more tattoos.

The son said, "the more they beat me, the more tattoos I want', a counterproductive walloping, who would've guessed it."

Last year the Chinese Communist Party saw a campaign to clean up society and told the police to watch out for people with animal tattoos and quote, "exaggerated" jewelry because they were, "typical of black evil forces".
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