LaGuardia Airport undergoes major renovation, expansion

The airport currently undergoing massive renovation and is expected to have a new Terminal B and C along with other facilities.


NSFW    NEW YORK — LaGuardia International Airport is being renovated in a push to modernize the aging airport.

New York's international airport is being renovated in order to have six concourses and two new arrival and departure halls, the Associated Press reports. It will cover a total of 2.7 million square feet.

As much as US$8 billion has been spent to upgrade in an attempt to renovate the New York airport, according to AP.

LaGuardia's new Terminal B has already opened in November of last year, complete with 18 new gates, seven of which are expected to open in 2020, according to the New York Post.

A new walkway will be used to connect Terminal B to Concourse A, according to AM New York.

A new Terminal C is also being built to replace LaGuardia Airport's existing Terminal C and D. It is scheduled to open in 2021.

A new rail service connecting LaGuardia International Airport and Manhattan is also expected to open by 2022, according to New York Yimby.
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