Lady goes full Trump in rant on Latino guy and his mom

Never go full Trump.


NSFW    'MURICA — A woman has gone viral for experiencing a bad case of verbal mud butt after she berated a Latino guy and his moms.
She even dropped in some oh so colorful Trump catch phrases like "illegals" and "rapists" while losing on the man.
According to CNN, 27-year-old Esteban Guzman is a systems administrator and a part-time landscaper.

He and his mother were doing yard work when they were confronted by the angry woman.
In the now viral video, Guzman asks "Why do you hate us?"

"Because you're Mexicans," the lady shoots back.

"We're honest people right here," Guzman replies.

"Yeah, rapists," the woman says. "Even the president of the United States says you're a rapist." Yeah, but he also says he's only 239 pounds.
She also thought it necessary to call them "animals" as well.

The exchange has already racked up more that 7.38 million views on Twitter. Nice one lady.
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