Lady Gaga cancels Indonesia gig


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Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball world tour will be skipping its stop in Jakarta, Indonesia. The June 3 concert was cancelled due to the opposition of the hardline Islamic Defenders Front.

Indonesian police refused to grant the pop singer a permit to perform due to mounting pressure from Islamic groups throughout the country. The Independent reports nearly 30,000 tickets had been sold to the now-cancelled gig.

Salim Alatas, from the Islam Defenders Front, told reporters Lady Gaga is a "vulgar" singer as well as "dangerous." Alatas also believes Lady Gaga will "spread Satanic teaching" through her music and dress. Tens of thousands threatened to block Gaga from entering the country if the police didn't do anything.

Although this is a win for the Islamic groups, many youths are furious. Giat, a student fan who runs a Twitter account dedicated to Lady Gaga, says the "arguments aren't rational" and that "Lady Gaga never asked anyone to worship Satan."
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