Labrador gives birth to 8 pups at Tampa airport

Her owners had no idea their dog was about to give birth.


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TAMPA, FLORIDA — A Philly-bound dog gave birth to eight puppies at Tampa airport earlier this week.

Service labradors Ellie and Nugget were waiting to board their flight to Philly along with their humans when suddenly their travel party got unexpectedly bigger.

Ellie was pregnant at the time, but her humans had no idea she was about to pop. The mama-to-be went into labor in the concourse and soon started pushing out puppy after puppy. Medical staff from Tampa Fire Rescue were on hand to help welcome the baby labs into the world.

Ellie gave birth to seven boys initially and then finally their sister, Fox 13 reported.
Needless to say, the 10 canines and their humans missed their flight. Fox 13 reports they'll have to find a new means of travel as airlines don't allow newborn pups to fly.

According to the Miami Herald, all 10 labs and their two humans will be driving 1,000 miles to Philly instead.
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