Kris Jenner's Talk Show Premier gives Kim Kardashian fans blue balls


NSFW    ***

The Kris Jenner Show is a complete train wreck, are you surprised? If you missed the blessed event, the whole show is up on YouTube for you to steal and make parody videos out of. But since we love you, we’ve decided to crunch the show up into a few short paragraphs.

The show started out with Jenner talking about herself for 20 minutes while her co-host, Cameron Whatshisface, couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Then they threw twinkies at the audience. After Jenner made awkward advances and used tired innuendos with celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito before inviting a trio of singers out to oogle at the 57-year-old cougar.

There was some belly dancing at some point and then lingerie models, because sex sells or something like that. Finally, the moment that paparazzis and airheads have been dreaming of, Kris Jenner showed what her super top secret surprise was: it’s her stylists baby!!!!!!! OH MY GA-what? Yup, that’s right folks, you were tricked once again by the Kardashian Klan. In my opinion this sort of false advertising should be punishable by jail time. That way we wouldn’t have to see any of their smug mugs ever again.
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