Korean shop owner puts black woman in a chokehold

The man suspected the woman of shoplifting and restrained her with the help of his wife. After video of the incident went online, local community activists including NAACP members protested and called for a boycott.


NSFW    CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — A beauty supply store owner in Charlotte, North Carolina is facing protests from the African American community after he was recorded on video chokeholding a woman in his shop.

According to police report, the incident on last Thursday began when Sung Ho Lim, the owner of Missha Beauty, saw the unnamed woman stealing eyelashes. As the woman was about to leave, the alarm went off. Lim asked her to show him what was in her bag. She refused and said had nothing in her bag.

Lim got in her face and they pushed each other. He kicked then her in the legs while yelling, “You hit me!” Together with his wife, they dragged the woman to the ground, and Lim got down to lock her in a chokehold.

After video of the incident was published online, local community activists including NAACP members showed up to the shop on Sunday, protesting and calling for a boycott.

Lim said the video does not capture the entire incident. He has filed a report for strong armed robbery with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department police and will give them his store’s security footage.

Despite the protest, Lim met with protesters and apologized to them. He told CBS-affiliate WBTV that he does not know what triggered him, he just went crazy. No matter what the reason was, he feels sorry. He plans to apologize to the woman Monday.
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