Komodo Island closing so people can't keep stealing dragons

Smugglers have been stealing Komodo dragons and selling them for $35,000.


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KOMODO ISLAND, INDONESIA — The Indonesian government is temporarily closing Komodo Island to tourist because idiots keep stealing komodo dragons off the island to sell them on the black market.
According to Tempo, authorities announced the island would be temporarily off limits starting in January 2020.
According to a government spokesperson, the ban is expected to stay in effect for at least a year.
The decision comes in response to an alleged smuggling ring that was busted with 41 komodo dragons by the East Java Police.
Apparently the smugglers were trying to sell the dragons on the black market for over $35,000 a piece.
The East Java Police told the Jakarta Post that the suspects were intending to ship the komodo dragons to three countries in Southeast Asia via Singapore.
Looks like the smugglers were selling the dragons over Facebook. And that's why people can't have nice things.
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