Kindle Fire, iPad and all that tablet hype


NSFW    The Kindle Fire is finally out and there's a ton of hype about it. Tablets are hot and there's no stopping them. People are happy to see a tablet that is comparable to the iPad and less than half the price. The Kindle Fire is half the size of the iPad, full color and backlit as opposed to older Kindles, and only $199 US. However, reviews say that the screen resolution is not amazing, and neither is the sound quality, even with headphones. Also, why is the power button on the bottom? It's easy to press by accident. Others are happy with the organization of apps and media, others not so much.

As with the HP Touchpad craze where people realized they could afford a tablet and jumped on the opportunity, the Kindle Fire comes out just at the right time as Christmas decorations are going up at the mall. It would make a great gift, that's for sure. But as for yourself, when would you most use your tablet? Most tablet owners say they most use it in bed or on the toilet, at least when it isn't being hogged by their kids. Think about the future possibilities of these devices! With most files being stored in the cloud, and hardware getting lighter and sleeker, why not hold off until the tablet can replace an existing device, such as your laptop or smartphone?
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