Kim Jong Un may have paid China a visit via armored train

A mysterious high-security armored train arriving in Beijing has sparked rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is visiting the country.


NSFW    BEIJING — Unusually heavy security in China's capital coupled with the arrival of a mysterious train from the North are sparking intense speculation over who came to visit.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Japanese news media first noticed the armored train crossing from North Korea into China at the border city of Dandong.

Soldiers and police were on hand when the train arrived at Beijing station on Monday, with reports indicating Kim Jong Un was onboard.

The 21-car train bears a striking resemblance to the armored train Kim's late father Kim Jong Il used to visit allies in China and Russia.

The locomotive reportedly contained a conference room, an audience chamber, and bedrooms, and was fitted with satellite phone connections and a flat screen TV.

The news has not been confirmed, but if true, this visit is the reclusive leader's first known trip outside his country since taking power in 2011.

Analysts say it's possible Kim may be in town to talk to the Chinese regarding his upcoming meeting with U.S. President Trump.
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