Kim Jong Un has had 421 officials brutally purged

A newly released report says Fats has purged 421 officials since taking power in 2010.


NSFW    NORTH KOREA — Kim Jong Un has brutally purged 421 officials since coming to power in 2010, according to a report by the Seoul-based North Korean Strategy Center.
According to Radio Free Asia, the report titled "Executions and Purges of North Korean Elites: An Investigation into Genocide Based on High-Ranking Officials' Testimonies" was released on Feb. 22.
The NKSC collected accounts from 14 North Korean defectors, six North Korean officials in China, and five other defectors who witnessed executions.

The investigation found Kim had his own uncle offed in 2013 because he "sold the country's resources to foreign countries at a low price."
In 2017, Fats had his half-brother Jong-nam rubbed out at a Malaysian airport.
The report only stuck to confirmed cases and listed the full names of more than 50 purged officials, while confirming hundreds more were no longer with us, but did not provide names.
The study also detailed nine of Fatty's favorite purging methods like hanging, feeding birthday suit only prisoners to hungry animals, and execution via anti-aircraft cannons or flamethrowers.
The timing of the report came out just in time as Sunkist meets with Fats for their second summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.
But don't worry, Orangina won't let inconvenient truths like facts get in the way of his pathetic praise for one of the world's most brutal dictators.
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