Kidnapper abandons child after text message with his license plate goes viral


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A kidnapper who took a toddler on Tuesday in Malaysia abandoned the child after a message with his car’s license plate number went viral. The kidnapper, claiming to deliver fish, made his way into the one-year-old child’s home in Muar. Once inside he tied up the infant’s mother, kidnapped the child and demanded a ransom for its release. Attentive neighbors who saw the man drive away with the child took down his license plates number and sent it via text message to friends. The message went viral, and was allegedly read by the kidnapper. The kidnapper then left the child next to a bathroom in a food court in Yong Peng where he was later found.

The person who came across the infant bathed and fed him before taking him to a local police station, where he was later reunited with his parents.
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