KFC forced to close shop in the UK due to chicken shortage

Hundreds of KFC stores have closed down all over the United Kingdom after failed deliveries led to outlets running out of chicken.


NSFW    UNITED KINGDOM — Chaos is breaking out all over the U.K. as hundreds of KFC stores shut down over a lack of chickens.

According to the Guardian, the brouhaha started when the fried chicken giant dropped its old distributed partner Bidvest and shacked up with DHL, which then proceeded to fail its job miserably.

The distribution mess-up meant more than half the outlets in the country were left with empty buckets, and no chickens for frying.

Thousands of hangry fast food customers have had to turn elsewhere for their fried chicken needs, which sucks for Colonel Sanders.

The good ole Colonel is currently working on a solution, but unless he can mass produce birds, doesn't look like anyone will be getting their 11 herbs and spices fix anytime soon.

There are some KFC joints that remain open, but they have a limited menu, and the company can't say for sure when everything will be sorted out.
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