Key iPhone source code for iBoot reportedly leaked to GitHub

A secret source code for the iPhone's iBoot component was leaked to GitHub, but has since been taken down.


NSFW    CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — The iPhone's deepest, darkest secrets may have just been revealed in what some are calling the biggest leak in history, and Apple is not pleased.

Motherboard reports that the source code for the iBoot, a core component of Apple's operating system, was posted on Github early this week.

Despite being tied to the outdated iOS 9, the code could make it easier for hackers to find vulnerabilities that would allow them to decrypt an iPhone.

Conversely, it could also be used by security researchers to develop protection against flaws that could compromise the device.

With only 7% of devices currently running on iOS 9 or older, and several other safeguards in place, end users are not at risk. But keeping software up to date is still beneficial.

Apple later confirmed that the leaked source code was genuine, but has since filed a DMCA notice to get GitHub to take it down.
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