Kangaroo attacks 9-year-old girl at Alabama wildlife park

An aggressive kangaroo grabbed a little girl through the fence of its enclosure and bit her head at Harmony Park Safari in Huntsville, Alabama.


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HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA — A surprise trip at a wildlife park took a turn for the worse over the weekend for a 9-year-old girl from Alabama.

Cheyenne White was excited when her mom, Jennifer, took her and her little sister to Harmony Park Safari in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday. It was the first time little Cheyenne got to see kangaroos, NBC affiliate WAFF reported.

Thinking one kangaroo was only trying to “play” with her, Cheyenne walked closer to the fence. But the kangaroo grabbed Cheyenne’s hair and pulled her over and started biting her head. The family immediately left the park to go to a hospital. Cheyenne received 14 stitches for her head injury.

In an interview with WAFF, Cheyenne’s mom Jennifer said the park’s warning signs were not enough. She said the owners should have installed a fence that’s not large enough for a kangaroo to fit its head and arms through. Jennifer also said she is not telling anyone not to take their kids there, but her family will not go back.

An employee told WAFF that an Alabama state law says people visit an agritourism business at their own risk.
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