Justin Bieber's Robin tweet scares the SH** out of Batman vs Superman fans


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Justin Bieber set the rumor mill a-spinnin’ when he tweeted a photo of himself with a script for the much-talked-about Batman vs Superman movie. The tweet was accompanied with this: “#Robin at the weekend”. What does that even mean?!

Well it doesn’t matter what it means, or what the truth is because Justin Bieber means one thing: Website clicks. And website clicks mean money, so of course everyone went bananas over the news. Ah, to be a “journalist” in the 21st century.

Comic book fans were already on suicide watch after it was announced that Ben Affleck would play the part of Batman, and Bieber’s tweet didn’t help the situation either.

Well, breath easy, nerds! The buzz was short-lived after Bieber quickly cleared up the confusion by adding “Off to do something funny...or die.” Don’t get too excited, he is not going to die...most likely he’s just going to put out a video on Will Ferrell-curated comedy website ‘Funny or Die’.

Whether the actual video is going to be funny doesn’t really matter because as soon as the Beliebers get their tweeny hands on it, it is sure to go viral. Speaking of comedic videos using Justin Bieber as desperate ploy to get views: Share this video!

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