Justin Bieber egging attack: Will he go to prison?


NSFW    Canadian pop star Justin Bieber allegedly egged his neighbor’s house last month and now may end up going to jail for it.

Bieber and his friend reportedly caused more than $20,000 in damages during the vicious egg attack. If Bieber ends up convicted on charges of vandalism, he could spend time in prison.

But it looks like there’s nothing for him to be worried about. When he was arrested on DUI charges last month, Miami police treated him were pretty well. One them even tried to take a picture with Bieber.

According to gossip rag TMZ, Bieber kicked it in Vegas before his DUI arrest and he and a friend spent thousands hiring hot strippers for private dances in his hotel room.

One of the strippers was willing to pose for photos for TMZ but remained tight lipped regarding the specifics as she was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement by Bieber.
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