Jogger saves drowning man from Hong Kong typhoon


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A woman jogging along Hong Kong’s waterfront saved a man from drowning during a typhoon and is now being called ‘super ironwoman’ for the courageous stunt.

With wind speeds of 100 kilometer an hour, Louise Chow ran toward the Victoria Harbor and saved a drowning man as dozens of onlookers gathered at the scene. When she saw the man in the water, she decided to take off her shoes and socks and jumped in and used a lifesaver to pull him to safety.

Video footage of the incident appeared to show the 24-year-old man admitting that he was attempting to commit suicide.

“He said, ‘I’m dying, I’m dying…. I have nothing now, I came to Hong Kong alone, I have nothing,” Chow said.

She remained by his side until ambulances arrived at which point she was treated for a minor cut she received from an oyster shell. She then finished her three-kilometer run.

Officials said that the man is now in stable condition although he has a history of mental illness.
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