Jets' Ryan sabotaging Tebow's career


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Tebow is finally standing up for himself after having an entire year of his NFL career wasted by coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets and his image tarnished by a series of malicious leaks to the media from within the Jets football organization.

After leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs last season, Tim Tebow has been reduced to a bit player by Ryan and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, seeing only occasional playing time in the Jets' Wildcat formation and, of all things, on the punt return team. This is much to the delight of Tebow haters in the media, who never understood how Tebow managed to win last year despite posting generally unsurprising numbers.

The final straw came when the Jets finally benched underachieving pretty boy Mark Sanchez in favor of third-string quarterback Greg McElroy. Tebow, the logical choice to replace Sanchez, wasn't happy. And then came yet leak from anonymous Tebow haters in the Jets' organization, this one saying that Tebow refused to play if he would only get snaps in the Wildcat.

Tebow made a mistake when Denver let him choose to be traded to the Jets instead of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jets owner Woody Johnson is a Tebow fan and gave up two draft picks plus cash for Tebow. But Rex Ryan doesn't like being told what to do, so he's sticking it to Woody by not playing Tebow.

Whatever you think about Tebow, he doesn't deserve this.
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