Jeremy Lin leads Houston Rockets to victory over New York Knicks


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Jeremy Lin returned to Madison Square Garden on Monday for the Houston Rockets vs New York Knicks game. It was Lin's first time back in MSG since making the switch to the Rockets from the Knicks.

During his year-long sting with the New York Knicks, Jeremy Lin went from an ivy league benchwarmer to an "linspiration" for young athletes and Asian-americans everywhere. After a surprising decline to match Houston's $25.1-million, three-year offer, the New York Knicks said farewell to the player that shot up to celebrity-status while signed to their team.

There were varying reports on how the crowd felt about Lin's return, some saying he was cheered and the others saying he was jeered. One thing is clear, it was the same rockstar reception Lin was used to in Madison Square Garden.

Nonetheless, the ex-Knicks star flourished just like the good ole days! Lin scored 22 points and completed 8 assists, leading the Rockets to their 109-96 victory over the Knicks. Some fans blame Carmelo Anthony's absence for the loss, the basketball star was still recovering from an injured ankle.

According to Lin, the game against his old team gave him the "closure" he needed.
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