Jeopardy ‘Mad Genius' Arthur Chu destroys competition


NSFW    Insurance worker Arthur Chu has turned into an Internet sensation over the past week after he cleaned up house on Jeopardy last week winning $102,800 so far. The 30-year-old insurance worker blew through eight competitors to win the long-running game show four nights in a row.

After getting the call notifying Chu that he would be on Jeopardy, his first move was to get on Google and type “jeopardy strategy.” Chu’s took a cue from previous Jeopardy champions, Chuck Forrest and Keith Williams, who bounced all over the board in order to confuse the other contestants. Jeopardy players usually play the board from the top to the bottom, picking the clues with the lower dollar denominations first, before moving onto the higher value clues at the bottom of the board.

Chu said that part of his training strategy was going through Internet message boards and studying up on past winners. Chu’s strategy has been described as rare, controversial and effective.

His victories have given him quite a few online haters as well. People have dubbed him the “mad genius” or the “hero villain.” They have accused him of ruining the fun of the game.

Chu said he picks questions at random using the Forrest Bounce to look for the three Daily Doubles, which are usually are hidden under the harder clues in every game. This gives Chu a huge statistical edge, but also keeps opponents from using them.

Funny, if this were sports, he’d be a national hero already.
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