Jenga-like architectural building planned for northern Germany

Dutch firm MVRDV will design a jenga-like building complex to redevelop a post-industrial city block in northern Germany.


NSFW    KIEL, GERMANY — A Dutch firm has been chosen to build a jenga-like building project in northern Germany, according to Inhabitat.

Dutch firm MVRDV plans to build a 65,000-square-meter city block called "Koolkiel" in northern Germany. The project would consist of a Jenga-like architecture, reports Inhabitat.

The main building's exterior would feature facade panels made from fibre reinforced concrete, according to the company's website.

The flexible design of the complex will give the community the freedom to modify the structure's interior and exterior, according to Inhabitat.

The project would also be equipped with rooftop solar panels, green roofs and other energy-saving features, Inhabitat reports.

The entire complex itself would be a mix of residential and commercial buildings with apartments on top, according to Inhabitat.

MVRDV has yet to announce a completion date for the project.
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