Jeff Bezos' space company 'Blue Origin' unveils new lunar lander

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has grand plans to visit the moon.


NSFW    KENT, WASHINGTON — Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' private aerospace company Blue Origin unveiled its new moon lander called the Blue Moon on Thursday May 9, The Guardian reports.

The unmanned vehicle would be capable of carrying upto 6.5 metric tons of payload onto the surface of the moon.

According to Blue Origin's website, the lander has been in development for years. It would carry supplies needed to lay out the infrastructure for future space missions. According to Blue origin, Blue Moon would use descent sensors in order to land.

The lander would use fuel cells for longer missions and also to last through the night on the moon. The spacecraft's fuel cells are capable of using only hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity.

According to CNet, Bezos said a larger version of the lander would be able to take Americans to the moon by 2024.
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