Japanese researchers to develop elevator to space

Japanese researchers plan to test out an elevator which could potentially connect Earth with the International Space Station.


NSFW    JAPAN — A team of researchers from Shizuoka University plan to develop a miniature "space elevator" to connect Earth and the International Space Station with a cable.

According to The Mainichi Shumbun, the researchers plan to develop an approximately 10-meter-long high-strength steel cable, with carbon nanotube being considered to be used as the primary material.

They also plan to release a pair of satellites that would connect with the cable, and would measure around 10 centimeters on each side.

The space elevator would be made up of six oval-shaped cars, which would be about 18 meters long and 7.2 meters wide.

A camera would also be attached to the satellites which would record the elevator as it moves in space.

The researchers expect the elevator to travel up to 200 kilometers per hour and carry people as well as cargo shipments into space by 2050.

However, the researchers worry there might be problems such as the elevator colliding with space debris, meteorites or even the transmission of electricity from earth to space.
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