Japanese politician touches emperor, receives bullets!


NSFW    A post office in Ginza Tokyo received a threatening letter with what appeared to be a bullet enclosed. It was addressed to Taro Yamamoto, a member of the House of Councilors.

Last month, Yamamoto handed a letter directly to Japan’s emperor. His actions provoked severe public criticism. In mid-November, somebody send him a knife at his congressional office address. When the envelope entered the metal detector at the Ginza post office on Thursday, the machine started beeping. An x-ray revealed an unidentified object inside. When police inspected the envelope they discovered the bullet, together with a note which only said “shoot to kill”. The date on the envelope was postmarked as Tuesday, originating from a post office of Chiba Prefecture. The sender included his name, and the words “Divine retribution” on the back of the envelope.

Mr. Yamamoto caused a public outcry after he handed a letter to Japan’s emperor last month.
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