Japanese macaques like to get it on with the deer

A group of scientists has found what could be a new pattern of behavior among Japanese female macaques, after observing them repeatedly turn to stags for sexual gratification.


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MINOO, JAPAN — When Japanese male macaques were spotted mounting female Sika deer back in January, some passed it off as misdirected mating.

But when it became clear females were getting in on some action too, one thing's for sure: macaques really like to do it with deer.

According to a study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, adult male macaques often reject their adolescent female counterparts, so the ladies in heat end up turning to another species for satisfaction.

They thrust and grind their lady bits on the backs of their stag mates, which only tolerate them because they get groomed in return.

Females get pretty excited, and were seen making squeaking sounds, biting their stags, and pulling on their antlers. Some were observed intruding on a session and displacing the original partner. They're also very demanding, and throw tantrums if the deer walk away from them.

Japanese macaques are known to have playful interactions with deer, and sometimes use them for transport. Scientists say the relationship may have started out this way, and that the monkeys were awakened at some point and continued to use the deer
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