Japanese 'Living Wallet' helps you to save money by running away


NSFW    A Japanese company has found a possible answer to get your budget under control. The Living Wallet is equipped with runaway skills and the ability to call out for help when the owner spends too much on impulse.

The Living Wallet uses a set of wheels and sensors and works with an app on a smartphone to keep track of the user’s spending habits.

When the owner is in deficit, “Save Mode” is automatically activated, which turns the wallet into a moving creature. The wallet will sneak away to control spending if it senses the owner reaching for it. When it gets caught, the wallet yells for help, and shouts “Help me!” or “Don't touch me!”

If that still doesn't put the brake on impulse shopping, the wallet will resort to texting or calling a contact, while the Living Wallet suggests calling the owner’s mother.

On the other hand, when put into “Consume Mode”, the Living Wallet plays Beethoven's Symphony Number 9, 4th Movement and reads out the top ranking products from Amazon Japan encouraging you to spend.
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