Japanese inventions: Hitachi badge spies on employees


NSFW    Hitachi, a Japan-based electronics manufacturer, is selling an badge for employers able to track them in the working place. The device it is addressed to corporations who are looking to improve the workplace efficiency.

The 33-ounce Hitachi Business Microscope looks like a typical employee ID but embedded in each badge are infrared sensors, an accelerometer, a microphone sensor and a wireless communication device capable of tracking everything, for instance how many times you leave your desk and to go where.

How many times and who you are talking to, by reading your co-workers badge, and for how long.

The badge is even capable of recording the distance between employees talking face-to-face.

By detecting subtle movements such as talking, nodding and silence, the badge is also able to tell an employee’s boss how actively the person intervened in a meeting.

Employees are instructed to place the badge in a cradle before leaving the office where it recharges the battery, downloads the data and sends it to Hitachi’s data center.
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