Japanese AI cameras can spot shoplifters before they steal

When Minority Report becomes real life.


NSFW    TOKYO — A Japanese startup has developed AI camera software that can detect if someone is likely to shoplift, according to Bloomberg.

Vaak has developed artificial intelligence software that looks for potential pilferers by analyzing security camera footage for fidgeting, restlessness and other potentially suspicious body language.
According to Bloomberg, the AI uses algorithms to look through security-camera video and notifies staff about possible shoplifters via a smartphone app.

According to Next Shark, Vaak Eye looks at more than 100 characteristics, including a person's face, clothes, movement, stride, direction and even purpose.

Demonstration videos show the software identifying a person's sex, age, location, belongings and actions while calculating a suspiciousness rate estimate.
The software also keeps track of every store item a person picks up and for how long each things is held.
According to IT Media, as of Dec. 12, Vaak Eye has detected at least seven shoplifters in test stores. The images of the suspects were subsequently given to po po.
Vaak Eye is currently keeping an eye out in 16 stores around Tokyo. So if you're going to be in Tokyo, you better start watching your back.
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