Japan will upgrade air defense missiles to counter North Korea

Japan's upgraded SAMs will chase North Korea's 'erratic trajectory' ballistic missiles.


NSFW    TOKYO — Japan's Type-03 Air Defense System is a surface to air missile system that utilizes a truck-mounted launcher to shoot interceptor missiles, according to Missile Advocacy.

Citing unnamed defense officials, Japan Forward reports the Japanese military will give the missile an anti-ballistic capability to respond to the North Korean threat.

According to Global Security, the Chu-SAM is 490 cm long, 30 cm wide, and weighs 580 kg.

Missile Advocacy states that the current version of the missile has a top speed of Mach 2.5.

According to Global Defense, the rocket uses a single stage solid fuel design and includes an active radar homing system.

Japan Forward reports that the Defense Agency is testing technologies that will improve both components of the projectile.

North Korea's new ballistic missile, which was tested last year and is based on Russia's Iskander missile, flies in an erratic trajectory that Japan's other air defense missiles cannot track.

According to Japan Forward, the upgraded the Chu-SAM will be able to predict the irregular trajectory and achieve a shootdown of the enemy missile.
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