Japan space probe reaches asteroid 3 BILLION KM away

Next, the Hayabusa-2 craft will map and then attempt a landing on the surface, before collecting samples.


NSFW    RYUGU ASTEROID — A Japanese space probe has reached its destination after travelling through space for three years.

The Hayabusa 2 spacecraft blasted off in December 2014, Reuters reports. This week it arrived at its destination, Asteroid Ryugu, some 3 billion kilometers from Earth.

Reuters reports Hayabusa 2 will orbit the asteroid for a few months in order to map its surface before it attempts a landing. The probe will use explosives and a cannon to craft a hole the surface, then collect from samples from the area.

After the Hayabusa 2 has finished its work on the asteroid, the probe will begin a year-and-a-half journey back to Earth. It's expected to return in 2020.
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