Japan's Cuddle Cafe ソイネ屋~添い寝専門店~


NSFW    What the Freak?

Japan's first Cuddle Cafe opened this week. Soineya allows customers to sleep with cute Japanese girls, but sex is prohibited. Yes, we can hear the collective sigh all the way over here.

The manager, who goes by the name of Koda (That's it, just Koda. He's like the Madonna of the cuddle industry), assures everyone this is not a sex service.

No Koda, it's completely different; just a bunch of sad lonely men paying cute young women to physically fulfill them.

If you're interested in a little cuddle sesh, here's what you can find on the menu at Soineya:

Admission fee: 3,000 yen ($39 USD)
Standard Course
20 min -- 3,000 yen ($39 USD)
40 min -- 5,000 yen ($65 USD)
60 min -- 6,000 yen ($78 USD)
"Shimei-ryo" (fee to pick the girl you want to sleep with) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD) + 500 ($6.50) yen per hour

Optional Course
Customer sleeps in girl's arm (3 min) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD)
Girl pats customer on the back (3 min) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD)
Customer pets girl on the head (3 min) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD)
Customer and girl stare at each other (1 min) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD)
Girl changes clothes (1 time) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD)
Girl gives customer foot massage (3 min) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD)
Customer gives girl foot massage (3 min) -- 2,000 yen ($26 USD)
Customer sleeps with head on girl's lap (3 min) -- 1,000 yen ($13 USD)
Girl sleeps with head on customer's lap (3 min) -- 2,000 yen ($26 USD)

Hey Japan, keep opening the weirdest stores ever. KTHX!
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