Japan is handing out abandoned houses for free

Japan is giving away "akiya" houses at a heavily discounted price, some are practically free.


NSFW    JAPAN — Japan is giving away 10 million abandoned houses at a heavily discounted price, some even for free.

These houses are called "Akiya" in Japanese which means "empty house."

Many of them are associated with suicide, murder, or even "lonely deaths," reports Insider.

The houses are mainly located in rural areas or suburbs which most Japanese people moved out of due to the changing demographics.

These houses are also prone to vandalism and pests, and could collapse any minute.

The "Akiya" program is aimed at those who want to own a house or those who want to invest in property.

The Japanese government is offering subsidies, mainly aimed at people under the age of 43, to those willing to purchase and renovate these houses, according to Rethink Tokyo.

Still, there's a deep social stigma attached to "Akiya" houses in Japan, with most avoiding it due to bad luck or because they don't want to be seen as a "social failure."
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