Italian researchers say Shroud of Turin is not a fake


NSFW    Catholics have historically revered the shroud of Turin as a relic of Jesus Christ. But many believed that the shroud with the image of a man on it is actually a fake that dates from medieval times.

An Italian research team has come up with a controversial finding. According to their research, the image on the shroud could only have been made with a powerful burst of ultraviolet light. As the kind of technology necessary to generated this kind of light would not be available until recent times, this suggests the shroud is not a forgery.

But there are also scientific evidence pointing in the other direction: carbon dating of the shroud finds that it dates from 1260AD or later. The bible itself also says that Jesus was wrapped in two pieces of fabric after his death while the shroud of Turin is in one piece.

The debate over the shroud's authenticity will doubtlessly continue for many years to come.
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