Israeli bus company to invest millions in electric road tech

An Israeli bus company is investing $2.2 million in ElectRoad, which developed technology that turns regular roads into sources of electric power.


NSFW    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Israel transit service Dan Bus Company will invest $2.2 million in technology that turns regular roads into electric power sources.

Electric buses in Tel Aviv currently need to be charged via cable at departure stations, but this could soon be unnecessary, reports Globes.

ElectRoad has developed technology that powers vehicles from the road while driving, using conduction coils to wirelessly charge them through magnetic induction.

With this innovation, there is no need for batteries or cable charging. It also boasts zero emissions, high efficiency, and low cost.

The startup will be focusing on public transportation, and will begin with laying charger coils underneath designated lanes to power the buses traversing the road daily. Eventually, ElectRoad says it may even be possible to share energy between vehicles.
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