Israel's Merkava Mk. 4 Barak to be a smart tank with A.I.

Israeli Ministry of Defense has unveiled a smart tank with artificial intelligence, as well as other new features.


NSFW    ISRAEL — Israel plans to equip its battle tank with artificial intelligence.

The Merkava Mark 4 Barak will reportedly be the first tank to have a smart mission computer to manage tasks.

Israel's Merkava Mark 4 Barak would have an advanced AI system which would help to locate targets and strike accurately, reports New Atlas.

Virtual reality will also be added onto the tank, with combat soldier using a helmet called Iron View, developed by Elbit Systems, to "see the outside environment from inside the combat vehicle."

Virtual reality simulations are aimed at allowing the soldiers to partake in military exercises in real time.

A press release claims updated sensors equipped on the outside the tank would "allow the combat soldiers to operate the tank in a simple and advanced way."

The press release also states these improvement will help the tank "carry out missions that are up to 30% longer than current ones."
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