Is Pokémon coming to the Nintendo Switch?

A new supposed "leak" on 4chan may show an image of an upcoming Pokémon game on the Nintendo Switch.


NSFW    TOKYO — Pokémon fans are lit online over alleged leaks of a possible new online-driven Poke-title that might be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

It all goes back to when game industry scoopster Emily Rogers blogged that the name of a new Pokémon game might be revealed by the end of May. According to IGN, several hours after news of that came out, a someone posted an image of the game's Japanese title to 4Chan.

The 4Chan user claims it'll be a remake of Pokémon Yellow titled Pokémon Let's Go! with Eevee and Pikachu editions, with said elderly monsters being the starters in each.
Interestingly Red and Blue, characters from the 1996 original are rumored to return.

Kotaku reports websites for and pokemon
were both registered by the same company acting as tech contact for Pokémon

Thee 4chan leak also claims the game will feature integration and rewards with Pokémon Go. This is interesting, because the House of N recently announced their paid for Nintendo Switch Online service. Once that goes live in Sept 2018, online Switch play will no longer be free for games such as Mario Kart.

If news of this future Pokémon game on the Switch turns out to be true, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo use it to make bank on their online services.
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