Is dark chocolate the next superfood?

Dark chocolate can boost your brain, immune system and vision — says three tiny studies.


NSFW    AMERICA — Dark chocolate may be giving your brain, immune system and eyes some benefits, according to three recently released small scale studies.

According to ABC News, in one of the studies, subjects were told to eat 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate, and then their brain waves were analyzed on an E.E.G. machine.

Researchers found an increase in gamma waves 30 minutes after consuming the chocolate. According to principal researcher Dr. Lee Burk, "gamma frequency is associated with neurosynchronization, in other words neuroplasticity …. It is the highest level of cognitive processing."

In another study led by Dr. Burk, scientists look at the effect of dark chocolate on the immune system.

Subjects were again given a dark chocolate bar the first week. The following week, they had their blood work analyzed. Researchers say they found an increase in anti-inflammatory markers and infection-fighting T cells.

Neither study was published, and both studies only had 10 participants.

A third study published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology investigated the link between chocolate and vision.

In two separate tests, 30 subjects were given two chocolate bars, both dark and milk chocolate, and conducted vision tests roughly two hours later.

Scientists found that after eating dark chocolate, participants had small vision improvements.
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