Iraq foils Al Qaeda tanker truck attack on key oil facility


NSFW    Iraqi security forces said they foiled an al-Qaeda plot to attack a key Baghdad oil facility. Reports said a key local leader of al-Qaeda who was in charge of planning the attack was arrested by the Iraqi anti-terrorism force.

According to Reuters, the insurgents planned to pack explosives into tankers transporting crude oil from southern Basra oilfields to oil storage depots inside a major oil facility in Baghdad. The bombs were to be detonated once the oil tankers entered the facility. An official said the investigation into the plot was ongoing.

Baghdad oil facilities include the large Doura refinery, which currently has limited production of around 10,000 barrels per day to feed Doura and a gas facility just north of the capital.

Security forces are on high alert following a string of attacks on a key pipeline from Iraq’s northern oilfields around Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Ceyhan over the last month.
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