Iran test-fires high-speed torpedo in Strait of Hormuz

Iran tested its high-speed Hoot torpedo on Sunday in waters near a naval base in Bandar Abbas.


NSFW    BANDAR ABBAS, IRAN — Iran seems to be making advances in its weaponry, and this has Pentagon officials worried.

U.S. defense officials say that on Sunday, Iran test-fired a high-speed torpedo into the Strait of Hormuz, a vital passageway for most of the world’s oil, reports Fox News.

The Hoot torpedo is believed to have a sophisticated guidance system and a range of six miles.

The underwater missile, reportedly modelled after Russia’s shkval torpedo, uses supercavitation to reach speeds of up to 250 miles per hour — four times faster than a conventional torpedo.

Iran has been testing the powerful torpedo over the past decade, most recently in February of 2015.

This latest exercise was likely testing the weapon’s speed, as it did not appear to be aimed at a target.
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