Iowa Democratic caucuses were a complete and utter debacle

The Iowa caucuses were a mess.


NSFW    IOWA — Wow that was embarrassing—and we haven't even started yet. After way too much fanfare and pregame hype, the Iowa caucuses turned out to be an utter disaster from beginning to—did it even end yet?
The failing New York Times reported that a "quality control" issue with a new system of reporting results led to mass confusion, which then turned into massive delays in tabulating results.
Across the state, precinct chairmen and volunteers at more than 1,600 caucus sites reported widespread disarray, with a ton of people having problems with a new app for reporting results.
This forced them to call in the results using the party hotline, where some people were left on hold for over an hour.
The Iowa Democratic Party also said another reason for the trainwreck was that the caucus leaders were required to report three sets of numbers to party HQ, instead of just one—the delegate count.
After spending way too much money and entirely too much time in Iowa, the campaigns demanded results.

When they didn't get those, they all just kind of declared victory—especially Pete—and then all bounced to New Hampshire.
What was even funnier was all the live-streaming and interactive graphics of the results by all the major outlets and papers literally showing nothing but a bunch of zeros after every candidate's name all day long.
On Tuesday, Iowa's Democratic Party said preliminary results from 62 percent of precincts show Pete in first, followed by the Bern, then the Native-American woman, and then hands-on Joe in fourth.
But don't worry folks, this is just the beginning of a long, drawn out primary race to pick the next candidate to lose to Donald Trump.
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