iOS 8 hoax: Fake ad tells iPhone users they can charge their devices using a microwave

You’d think it wouldn’t have been necessary, but the LAPD warned consumers NOT to put their iPhones in their microwaves after a fake ad surfaced online.


NSFW    You Idiot!

iOS8 made quite the splash when it was released last week.

The update mobile operating system included a slew of new features for Apple's phones and tablets and if you're to believe a hoax that's been floating around online in recent days, among those features is the ability to charge your Apple device inside your microwave.

iPhones are somewhat notorious for their poor battery life and the scam feature, dubbed 'Wave' claims to give iOS 8 users, through literally unbelievable software updates, the ability to charge their phones wirelessly in a microwave oven.

Now you'd think that anyone with half a brain would instantly recognize the ad for the sham it is, but that didn't stop the LAPD from issuing a tweet warning the public not to put a device largely made of anodized aluminium in their microwaves.
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