Involuntary hood surfing: Insane high speed ride ends in tragedy


NSFW    Man dies after being thrown from hood of car: A 34-year-old man is dead after a domestic dispute turned into a dramatic, white-knuckled ride atop the hood of an SUV through Queens and Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday, August 4, which ended in a horror collision.

Matthew Soria and 51-year-old Maria Espinosa were seen arguing just before 8.45 a.m. He demanded the keys to a blue Ford Explorer but she wouldn’t give them up. Instead she started the car and took off just as Soria grabbed onto the hood.”

A local flower seller saw the car do a U-turn and speed down Jamaica Avenue with the terrified man hanging on for dear life.

Reports say the driver ignored a red light and hurtled toward another car at Crescent St in Brooklyn.

The cars collided, causing the SUV to hit a parked sedan and Soria to be thrown to the ground. He died a short while later at hospital.

Police charged Espinosa with murder, manslaughter, and assault. She and two other people were treated for minor injuries.
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