Inside Japan's ultra luxury Shiki-Shima train service

The Shiki-Shima train service began operating in May 2017, but it's already sold out until next year. Tickets will set you back $3,000 for the base packaage, and around $12,000 for premium.


NSFW    TOKYO — The Shiki-Shima Train hit Japanese tracks on Monday May 1st 2017.

The service, operated by East Japanese Railway Company, chauffeurs passengers around North-East Japan on 2 and 3-day trips. It departs Tokyo's Ueno station on a on a 800-mile round trip that stops in Shiroishi, Matsushima, Aomori, Horisaki, Ichinoseki and Naruko-Onsen before returning to Ueno.

The Shiki Shima travels at 110 kilometers per hour — 3 times slower than Japan's so-called bullet train, the Shinkansen.

It comprises 10 cars. These include 1 car for deluxe and Shiki-Shima suite passengers, 5 cars for regular suite , 2 observatory cars, a lounge car and a dining room.

It's observatory cars allow passengers to sit back and take in panoramic views of the Japanese countryside.

The train's 17 suites can accommodate 34 passengers. Guests have the option of staying in a regular maisonette type suite, or deluxe or the Shiki-Shima suite.

The Shiki-Shima's dining room also lets guests view the passing scenery while traveling. It's and a menu designed by a Michelin star chef.

The service is proving very popular. It's currently fully booked until next April and prospective guests currently need to apply online to join the journey.
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