Innocent street dogs in Jordanian city attacked by sick puppies

Based on the hacked tail and severed legs the dogs were found with, it’s most likely at least two or more people were involved in order to hold the dogs down.


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MAFRAQ, JORDAN — The search for some sick puppies is on, after a couple of innocent street dogs have been found scared, bleeding, and with body parts missing.

On June 30, Animal Action U.A.E. posted photographs on Facebook of a dog named Lucy, from Mafraq. The organization believes Lucy must have been targeted by a pretty disturbed group of people. Based on her injuries, it’s most likely several deranged thugs were involved, as she would have to have been held down. When Animal Action found Lucy, she was extremely scared, bruised, and without a tail.

Lucy has since been operated on to have the infected skin and flesh removed. She’s been having trouble going to the bathroom due to the extreme pain, and continues to be afraid of people, naturally.

Another dog, Halle, was also found this past week with her front leg cut off, which Animal Action members say was a “clean cut.” There are no known suspects at this time.
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