Indian Supreme Court to hear case on disputed holy site

The case involves a controversial plan to build a Hindu temple on the site of a ruined mosque from the 16th Century.


NSFW    AYODHYA, INDIA — The Indian Supreme Court is expected to hear the controversial Ayodhya case on Jan 29.

The case concerns a highly contentious plan to build a Hindu temple on the ruins of a mosque from the Mughal era. The site has been disputed between Hindus and Muslims ever since it was built in the 16th Century.

Supporters of the current government are pushing for a temple of the hindu god Ram to be built in place of the ruins of Babri Masjid, especially since elections are to take place in May, Reuters reports. This was one of the key promises Prime Minister Narendra Modi made during his previous election campaign, according to BBC News.

Babri Masjid was built in the city of Ayodhya during the Mughal era. Hindu mobs tore it down in 1992. This triggered communal riots in the country and killed around 2,000 people. Today the site is in ruins, with a tiny makeshift Ram temple in its place.

Hindus claim the mosque was built on the site of the birthplace of Lord Ram. However, several Hindu nationalists want to build a fully fledged temple of Ram in its place.

The Allahabad High Court previously ruled that the land should be divided in three parts, reported the Times of India. One for the Hindu deity, one for a Hindu-nationalist group and one for the Sunni Waqf Board.

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