Idiot leaves hatch open, causes nuclear submarine to flood

India's first ballistic nuclear-powered submarine was severely damaged and in repairs for months after an open hatch caused water to flood its propulsion chamber.


NSFW    You Idiot!

VISAKHAPATNAM, INDIA — A very expensive submarine in India has been out of commision for at least ten months, all because someone in the damn navy forgot basic training.

The Hindu reports that the INS Arihant is the country's first nuclear-powered submarine. It's equipped with torpedos and ballistic missiles, and cost a whopping $2.9 billion.

Back in February, some genius left an external hatch open while the submarine was at harbor, inevitably causing seawater to pour in once it dove underwater.

The vessel's entire propulsion chamber got flooded as a result of the human error, and led to severe damage.

Water had to be pumped out of the submarine and the pipes replaced, since they were exposed to corrosive seawater.

The navy at least knows not to risk using damaged pipes to supply pressurized coolant to a nuclear reactor. Now if only they can improve basic training.
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