Idiot caught on camera getting up close and abusing Muslim woman

Instead of walking away, the dude thought it would be a good idea to sit down and call her “b!tch” and ask her if she had a green card.


NSFW    You Idiot!

ATLANTA — Viral video posted to Facebook this weekend shows a heated exchange between a man and a Muslim woman.

The footage was filmed in Jose’s Coffee Shop in east Atlanta and uploaded on Saturday Jan. 28 by Asma Elhuni. It shows a man identified as Rob Koehler getting into an argument with her while standing and then sitting close to her. Later in the exchange, he can be heard calling her a “b*tch” and asking her if she has a green card.

According to Atlanta news website Creative Loafing, Elhuni’s an American citizen, as well as a grad student and an intern for Georgia State Rep Brenda Lopez. Before their exchange began, Koehler says he was taking a photo of the coffee shop, butut Asma claims he was photographing her. That’s when she started recording him and the verbal abuse.

In a Facebook post screen-grabbed by the Daily Mail, Koehler reportedly calls Asma is a muslim activist and says she confronted him. He also says he disagrees with President Trump’s travel ban and apologizes to several people he knows, but not Asma. Instead, he thanked her for helping him learn and grow.

Over the weekend, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered a temporary ban on travel to the USA from 7 muslim-majority countries. The administration said the action was taken to strengthen the visa vetting process to prevent the entry of those who could potentially be threats to the United States.

Asma claims that Koehler reached out to a mutual friend through Facebook and asked to open dialogue with her, but to that she says “hell no”, reported Creative Loafing.
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