Idaho man's pet squirrel fends off teen burglar in surprise attack

Joey the indoor squirrel is being praised for being a hero, after he attacked a home intruder trying to steal his owner’s guns.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

MERIDIAN, IDAHO — A thief who broke into a Meridian, Idaho home had the bejesus scared out of him, after discovering a guard squirrel on the premises.

KIVI-TV reports that homeowner Adam Pearl felt something was off when he came home. There were snow prints in his driveway leading to the back of the house, and doors that were usually kept closed were now open. Pearl’s suspicions were confirmed when he found marks near the lock of his gun safe, and realized a few items were missing.

He called the police to report the theft. Officer Ashley Turner came to investigate, and was startled to find Pearl had a pet squirrel.

Officer Turner soon left but returned later to give Pearl back his stolen items. She told Pearl that they had found the teenage thief, and while questioning him, noticed what looked to be scratches on his hands.

The suspect admitted that he had been attacked by Joey the squirrel as he was burglarizing Pearl’s home, and took only what he could grab as the furry rodent chased him out of the house.
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